East Coast Bracing For Major Snow Storm As Winter Finally Arrives in 2016

The East Coast is due to experience a record breaking winter storm. Winter storm is not exactly the right wording here, more like a blizzard. Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Baltimore, Maryland, and the jersey coast. Of course more areas are going to be hit by Winter Storm Jonas, so many areas are going to be hit by Winter Storm Jonas that we could not even list them all in this article. if you reside on the East Coast you need to check the local weather reports and be prepared. Winter Storm Jonas is expected to cause major coastal flooding, power outages, and in areas expecting snow, expect to be buried in 1 foot or more of snow for days.


Winter Storm Jonas kicked off Thursday in earnest, starting to shower the East Coast with both snow and ice. Friday is the day it is expected to turn into a major snowstorm, with much of the East Coast expected to suffer from Winter Storm Jonas. Much of this storm is due to the nor’easter approaching the Northeast. A nor’easter is a type of massive cyclonic storm, which forms within 100 miles of the U.S. East Coast, and has the power of a tornado, the moisture of torrential rains, often in the form of snow, and the power of a blizzard.

These storms are called “northeasters” which tale their name due to the very strong and fierce northern winds which propel these storms. This years record breaking “northeaster” is expected to cause blizzards not seen since the 1800’s. If you reside in the areas expected to be in Winter Storm Jonas path, you should expect to face power outages, and if your city does not experience snow storms that often, expect to be home bound for a few days, as many cities will struggle to remove the snow from roads and streets. This may be your last chance to stock up on food and other sundry items until after the storm passes. In many cities the grocery stores have already been cleared out. If you have any chronic health conditions, now is the time to plan ahead.

The storm about to hit the East Coast developed in the deep south, yet is steadily pushing it’s way northeastward. While some states up north like New Hampshire will miss the brunt of the storm, even these states will be affected to a degree by the storm. Wind chills in states not majorly affected by the storm are expected to be in the single digits, and most states in the North East will experience some amount of snowfall. In states which Winter Storm Jonas is expected to strike in full force, expect anywhere from 6 inch to 18 inches of snow in record time. Many cities will experience issues when facing 1 foot of snow or more, as many cities are unprepared to deal with that much snow falling in so short a time, such as Washington, D.C.

This storm will be of record proportions, in fact Tens of millions of Americans will be dealing with Winter Storm Jonas. On Wednesday Washington, D.C. was crippled by just a few inches of snow, and Washington, D.C. has yet to experience the full brunt of Winter Storm Jonas. Boston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia are expecting much worse. Expect power outages, clogged roads, closed airports, flight outages all along the east coast, coastal flooding, and record snow fall. This wont be just any snow, but property damaging heavy wet snow, which is why massive power outages are expected.

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