Why It’s Best to Hire Professionals in the Event of Water Damage

Like any other type of disaster, water damage restoration is a very involved process that has to be handled professionally in order to avoid a number of possible ongoing issues. During a severe storm, rising water from lakes, and even ditches, are unsafe for homeowners and their families. This is known as black water, or Category III, and can contain many pathogens such as fungus, animal feces, and even chemicals. If this water is left standing in the home or business for an extended amount of time it can result in very serious health risks, even after the water is extracted. In this case, certified professionals should be hired to neutralize any standing water and address any health risks as soon as possible.

The cleanup time for a water loss will depend solely on the scope of the damages. Within the first 48 hours of a moisture or water issue, standing water can cause the growth of mold; which takes more time and effort to remediate. For most remediation projects, it will take a couple of days to completely remove the water and dry out everything after the loss. If the drywall has been thoroughly soaked, it will more than likely take an extra day or two to remove or dry it out. In most cases, materials such as carpeting, drywall, or clothing may need to be disposed of if they have been soaked for more than 48 hours. This means that it is vital to call in a team of professionals as soon as possible.

The first thing that a professional water damage restoration firm will do is remove excess water from the property. Water has the tendency to move into cracks and crevices that are not normally accessible, like the inside of walls, so professionals will use moisture detection equipment, such as hygrometers, to locate the source of the moisture.  Once any standing water has been removed from the estate, the company can then begin to remove any soaked clothing, carpeting, carpet padding, baseboards, furniture, and household items.

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From there, the professionals will begin to use commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the amount of moisture that is present in the air. These experts are equipped with high technology equipment that can detect moisture and can measure the amount of moisture in specific areas. When using this equipment, a certified technician can then determine what items have been thoroughly and properly dried.


Professionals who are certified have been trained to determine which items are beyond restoration standards and which can be salvaged. Those that have to be disposed will be done responsibly and respectfully. Anything that can be salvaged will be thoroughly dried and sanitized, and any furniture will be placed on blocks to encourage air flow through the furniture, therefore speeding up the drying process significantly.

If this water has been in your home or business for some time, technicians will need to then inspect the property for mold issues. Mold is a naturally occurring component of the environment that can cause serious health problems. This fungus can infest organic materials and even make its way into the air ducts and HVAC system, spreading the spores throughout the property. Professionals in the field will be able to quickly detect if there is mold present, and then come up with a proper strategy to remove it that follows safety guidelines and protocol.

Dealing with the aftermath of a home or business disaster is time sensitive and a quick response is needed to fully restore your property to its fullest potential. By hiring professionals in the field, you can have your home back to normal, if not better, in no time at all.

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